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Our Services

Pediatric Developmental Therapy Services

Every child has a range of skills and abilities specific to them. Behaviorcraft provides pediatric developmental therapy services for children from birth through age 21. Our licensed therapists have years of experience using the latest evidence-based techniques to help children develop into the best version of themselves.

ABA Therapy

ABA therapy is an FDA-approved, play-based approach to evolving skills and behaviors. When providing therapy for children with autism, the therapist follows a structured plan of goals and rewards. This approach can help your child:

  • Develop self-help skills
  • Improve communication
  • Interact with others socially
  • Understand emotions
  • Follow directions

Individualized ABA therapy services work best for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), intellectual disabilities, developmental delays and other conditions that may require intervention.

Family Training and Consulting

At Behaviorcraft, we know helping children with developmental delays requires positivity, therapy, education and collaboration. We offer family training and consulting services as part of our pediatric developmental therapy.

Family training teaches households how to implement the techniques from their child’s therapy sessions at home and in real-life situations. After consulting, parents will feel more comfortable and confident using these new skills with their children and collaborating with therapists in the future.

Direct Intervention

Behaviorcraft behavior therapy services take a direct intervention approach through specific techniques and methods.

The goal of ABA therapy is to help children with autism learn how to communicate and interact with others and develop other skills that will help them achieve greater independence.

However, ABA therapy does not focus on changing the child’s personality. Instead, the play-based model focuses on helping children with autism learn how to adapt to their surroundings so they can better communicate with others and enjoy more happiness daily.

Areas Served in Virginia

As a parent, you want the best for your child’s future, including helping them reach their full potential. You also understand that individuals on the spectrum can have physical, emotional and mental challenges that may make reaching that potential tougher.

Our goal is to help children reach their highest potential with our specialists’ support. We are dedicated to providing high-quality pediatric developmental therapy services in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and the surrounding areas.

Accepted Insurances

We believe that all children deserve the best possible care, so we accept most major commercial insurance and Medicaid. We work with your insurance company to ensure you receive the most affordable rates possible. If we cannot take your insurance, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of your out-of-pocket costs.

Why Choose Behaviorcraft for ABA Therapy?

Behaviorcraft’s ABA therapists receive specialty training to help children like yours learn new skills. We are proud to:

  • Use only research-proven methods.
  • Create individualized plans and care for each child to give them the attention they need and deserve.
  • Encourage family priorities and goals.
  • Provide end-to-end services from assessment through behavior change so you can have peace in knowing that nothing will fall through the cracks.
  • Focus on changing the conduct rather than the individual, so your child can learn new behaviors while receiving encouragement to be themselves.

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