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ABA Therapy

Individualized Pediatric ABA Therapy Services in Virginia

Are you considering Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but aren’t sure what it entails? Learn what ABA therapy is — including its benefits — and whether it’s a suitable treatment option for your child below.

What Is ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-approved, evidence-based behavior modification therapy treatment for children and young adults with ASD. With ABA therapy, your child will learn new social, cognitive, motor, and behavioral skills that help them learn, grow, and become more confident.

How Does ABA Therapy Work?

ABA therapy begins with a consultation appointment and intake questionnaire. Next, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will conduct a three- to four-hour behavior assessment to create a custom, play-based ABA therapy treatment plan for your child. Your child’s treatment plan could include various strategies, including positive reinforcement, Discrete Trial Training, and Natural Environment Teaching.

Your child’s individualized treatment plan will also include family goals. ABA therapy sessions occur in settings where your child feels most comfortable, like at home. We encourage caregivers to participate in their child’s treatment, so they can comfort them and encourage learning and growth.

The Benefits of Custom ABA Therapy for Children

If your child has ASD, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), Down syndrome, or developmental delays — or faces other challenges — individualized ABA therapy services can help them:

  • Express themselves better: Children learn communication styles and coping mechanisms that increase desired behaviors, helping them express themselves more effectively and improving their social interactions.
  • Boost their confidence: New skills, communication styles, and coping mechanisms empower children, boosting their self-confidence and resulting in the desire to experience and learn new things.
  • Enhance independence: The more confident your child feels, the more comfortable they will be spreading their wings, taking on new challenges, and learning skills that enhance their independence.

ABA therapy also benefits parents and caregivers — it involves a child’s parent or primary caregiver, so the child can be more comfortable during their therapy session. The parent can better understand and anticipate their child’s unique needs when they actively participate in their therapy.

Our ABA Therapy Service Areas in Virginia

Turn to Behaviorcraft for ABA therapy services in Virginia. We aim to provide children with the tools they need to enhance their health, behavior, performance, and self-confidence. Our fully licensed team of pediatric therapists uses a multidisciplinary, family-focused therapy approach to help children thrive.

Our specialists offer ABA therapy in the following cities:

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When you need custom ABA therapy services for children in Virginia, rely on our compassionate medical professionals at Behaviorcraft. We’re a leading, trusted provider of individualized ABA therapy services for children and young adults from birth to 21.

At Behaviorcraft, we use evidence-based, scientifically proven therapy strategies and believe learning should occur in a fun, engaging environment. We’ll help your loved one set meaningful, functional goals based on their circumstances and needs.

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